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Start at the End

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When you’re staring at a blank puzzle and can’t think of a single answer – have no fear. There are some instant entries you can make.

Look for clues indicating something plural. Go ahead and write in the “s”.

clue: Abodes  — answer: Homes

Look for clues in the past tense. Go ahead and write in the “ed.”               

clue: Constructed — answer: Erected

See? You’re getting the hang of it already.


Would You Like To Learn? Start Here.

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Why not? Anyone can enjoy this brain-training, relaxing pastime. . .  and that means you! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to solve crossword puzzles. You just need to know the little tricks that lead to big rewards.

I know solving may look daunting at first, but this blog is desgined to walk you through some easy steps.  Before you know it you’ll be solving puzzles at lunchtime to reduce workday stress or you’ll be lazing around with puzzle in hand on a quiet Sunday morning. Whatever the case you’ll be hooked in no time and you can become good at it, too. 

This blog will share some ideas to help you on the journey for this fun and rewarding hobby.

First step: Pen or Pencil?

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Oh, come on. Don’t be a chicken!

Was anything great ever accomplished with a half-hearted attitude? You know the answer to that, so you would also know the answer to the original question is PEN.  President Bill Clinton, a very accomplished solver, used a blue felt tip marker. How’s that for a positive attitude?  The guy was a Rhoades Scholar, so you might as well learn from the best.

Don’t worry about needing to erase mistakes because if you do things right you’ll seldom need to erase. Just follow along here and learn what I have to say.